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Koi Care, owner Gerhard Lezar has been dealing with Koi keeper’s emotions, pond challenges and solutions for over 9 years which put him in immediate rapport with Koi keepers. Request a quote

  • Why a Koi Pond?

    Most people when considering a Koi pond have thoughts about the aesthetics and the tranquility these beautiful marked fish creates.

    A Koi pond can really add value to any environment whether corporate or home and possibly has great therapeutic value for the stressed busy lives we life today.

    Koi are very smart, learns quickly and with a bit of patience will eagerly eat from your hand, they able to recognize people this allows the keeper a wonderful unusual intimate interaction with nature. Feeding time is a crazy fun frenzy of eager koi get to ever last bit on offering, I have witness koi walking along the water’s surface on their caudal fin to get to the food first. I think this interaction allows for an emotional bond to develop. Koi is further associated with good feng shui and in Japan represent prosperity, good fortune and wealth.

    The other, often prestigious, elements of keeping Koi extends to the collection of rare and expensive, often very expensive, varieties. The most expensive Koi fish sold was for 850 000 dollars! The colours and how sharply the colours are defined determine the price.

    Koi keepers have professional bodies, associations, shows, forums that you can belong to. Plenty of literature and research are available for the novice or expert. This is not an everyday hobby and it always surprises me how well informed my clients are, they pronounce the Japanese names of the varieties like a daily event.

    There is an increasing trend to add a Koi pond to Lodges, B&B and hotels, it is aesthetically very powerful and increases their ratings. You can landscape your entire garden around your koi pond. Architects are now including Koi ponds in their technical drawing presentation to their clients. I think the further we disconnect from nature the more we will do to keep it close to us. Keeping Koi is truly a wonderful experience.

    An important aspect that I think most new koi keepers perhaps do need to understand is that this is not your average hobby, it is an aquaculture hobby.

    “Dealing with problem ponds I am often dumbfound as what people believe the environment to sustain koi and pond life should be like. A koi pond is not simply a hole in the ground covered with plastic or cement which you add water and some plants to and think it is enough in terms of oxygen and food. Ponds needs to mimic a natural river environment and need to be a living, breathing habitat for Koi, it is deliberately constructed with a specific design principle and water system to in mind.

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  • Why Koi Care?

    Koi Care, owner Gerhard Lezar has been dealing with Koi keeper’s emotions, pond challenges and solutions for over 9 years which put him in immediate rapport with Koi keepers. Gerhard has renovated and provided solutions for over 200 ponds successfully, have build 17 new ponds and serviced over a 1001 ponds.

    Gerhard started Koi Care with the emphases on assisting the koi keepers and in doing so ultimately ensure that the pond is an environment where Koi and pond life can flourish. Gerhard has personally experienced the sad results of koi ponds not been maintained correctly.

    Gerhard understand that the Koi Keeper builds ponds to really enjoy their Koi and it becomes very emotional, frustrating and often very expensive when they have to deal with leaks, water problems or worse koi dying and it was preventable.

    Gerhard believes that is often a design element, lack of knowledge, technical know-how or been given incorrect advice that causes the problems.

    Gerhard has an eco-conscience outlook and all projects have a water wise and green approach.