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Koi Care, owner Gerhard Lezar has been dealing with Koi keepers emotions, pond challenges and solutions for over 9 years which put him in immediate rapport with Koi keepers. Gerhard has renovated and provided leak detection solutions for over 200 ponds successfully and have build 17 new ponds and have serviced over a 1000 ponds. Request a quote

  • Pond design and construction

    Koi Care understands that for most it is the aesthetic, tranquil environment and interaction with Koi that attracts them to having a koi pond but few realize that normal tap water is a very unsuitable for Koi to live in. Tap water needs to be “treated” and needs to form part of a water system. It is important to understand that when you build a pond you create a specific habitat for Koi to live in.

    This habitat is a water system which needs the correct design, construction, filters, water flow methods and regular maintenance. If not, it will build up waste, waste turns into ammonia and eventually toxic nitrite, which lower the Koi immune system and create a vulnerability to bacteria and parasites. Ultimately disease takes over which more than likely will be fatal to your koi and pond life.

    Apart from toxins poor water quality also lowers the oxygen available. Research on Koi health indicates that 33% of Koi death are related to poor water quality. Oxygen is created and introduces through inlet pipes, water features, water plants, venturis and air pumps.

    The other important component is the waterproofing methods use to seal the pond. Resolving a water leak is costly, time consuming and frustrating. Build your pond correctly the first time around.

    Koi Care has an extensive “check list” of technical and design considerations that will be presented and discussed with you prior to construction. A Pond design diagram in our Portfolio section explains each component of a well designed pond. Click here to see the Pond Design Diagram

    Koi Care understands that a pond is a long term investment and a permanent feature, that the koi keepers needs to live with it long after the pond builders has left. Building a well designed pond that would be cost effective, ease the maintenance and provide a healthy habitat for Koi and pond life to flourish is the objective.

    Before you think we only have concern for the technical aspects, Koi Care has an extensive library of beautiful ideas and great in conceptualizing aesthetic themes adding interesting elements i.e. vertical gardens, waterplants and “hardscapes”. We work close with architects and landscape artists should that be a requirement. We have build 17 new ponds , often over very challenging terrain and equally challenging new pond owners but have somehow always achieved a balance between the owner ideas and the technical aspects.

    Koi Care will once the pond is constructed assist the new koi pond owners in introducing their Koi and plant life to their pond and will assist the Koi keeper with maintenance aspects to ensure that it is an exciting and enjoyable experience.

    Koi Care’s focus is to ease the task of the koi keeper and to ensure the Koi and pond life has a habitat to flourish.

    Click here to see the Pond Design Diagram

  • Pond Leak detection and revamping

    A leaking pond could be a very frustrating, expensive, time consuming experience and also makes no contribution to a water wise environment. A recent article published indicated that 40% of ponds build today will not work from day one and 70 to 80 % will not work in 12 months time because of water loss.

    Majority of leaks are from incorrect pond construction and waterproofing methods. The source of the leak if often difficult to detect as water has its own dynamics and can manifest in strange ways.

    It is often only experience and know-how that resolves the problem.

    Koi Care understand that revamping or resolving a leak means temporary relocation of your Koi, which can be stressful for Koi and keeper. Therefore uses modern waterproofing material to keep the project as short as possible. Once resolve will ensure that the water is suitable to reintroduce your Koi.

    In severe cases we have often employ the latest infra red leak detection technology to speed up the process.

    Revamping or resealing also provided an ideal opportunity to correct construction or design faults.

  • Pond maintenance

    Koi Care owner Gerhard is often saddened by the conditions he finds ponds, you can not maintain your pond every 3 months and think it will create a natural eco-system and your Koi will just survive! Sadly many pond owners only see maintenance necessary once they encounter a problem pond this is often too late! Pond maintenance is not negotiable.

    A koi pond is a habitat created with a specific water system designed purposely to support all the elements needed for koi and pond health.

    This water system needs to be maintained regularly. If not, it will build up waste, waste turns into toxins which lower the Koi immune system and your Koi becomes more subjective to bacteria and parasite ultimately disease takes over which could be fatal to your koi and pond life. Research on Koi health indicated that 33% of Koi deaths are related to poor quality water.
    Click here to see Koi Death Statistics

    Apart from toxins poor water quality also lowers the oxygen available. Regular water checks and maintenance of these systems and elements are very important and can often prevent pond problems.

    Regular maintenance should include testing the water quality for ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, carbonate hardness, salinity, pH, oxygen concentration, pump functionality etc. If pH is not kept at ideal level or stable it can burn of chap the Koi’s (skin) or even present a “pH swing” interfering with their body functions, leaving Koi fish vulnerable to stress and disease.

    Many koi pond owners are very successful at pond maintenance but for the koi pond owner that just want to enjoy their pond without the concerns of carrying out the maintenance. Koi Care offers a monthly maintenance service contract.

    The services will include:

    • Testing of water and change if necessary – test ammonia/nitrite/ nitrate to understand if levels are normal to prevent toxin build up and check for pH imbalances that needs correction.
    • Cleaning of pump basket – remove waste to avoid blockages and waste build up that will affect the free flow of water to filter system.
    • Open filter and brake sand crust – back wash thoroughly and rinse until water is clean
    • Remove solids from floor and surface – remove waste to prevent it from blocking the filter, blocked filters will reduce flow in return reduce oxygen and promote the build up of toxins.
    • Monitor algae, blanket weed and silt especially in summer – to prevent blockages and to avoid it from controlling your pond life
    • UV tube inspection – ensure in working condition to assist in the control of floating algae.
    • Annually inspection of plant growth – prevents plant life to become root bound and over populate the pond, creating areas where unwanted anaerobic bacteria can grow.
    • Pump inspection – Inspect pump to detect any air leaks and to ensure pump does not run dry or impeller clogging

    A Care Report will be completed and forward to clients after each service to bring concerns to the client’s attention.

  • Irrigation installation, repair and service

    Koi Care offer a value added service that whilst servicing your pond we can service your irrigation system for a nominal extra fee. Services further extends to the planning, layout and implementation of new irrigation systems.

  • Pond equipment

    Pond equipment i.e. pumps, filters are often incorrectly installed or naturally ages. Koi Care is able to purchase equipment at preferential rates directly from agents, assisting in keeping the Koi keepers cost down.

  • Koi resourceful

    Koi Care is well linked to other resources related to i.e. Koi breeders, koi food, pond hardware and pumps etc.