Koi 911 offers a fully integrated service to corporate and home pond owners. Koi 911 business objective is to ease the task of the Koi keeper and within doing so ultimately ensure that fish and pond life flourish.

Culross Road Bryanston REVAMP AND Leak detection

Koi 911 was involved in the revamping of this leaking swimming pool into a Koi pond. A visible inspection of the existing shell was performed to determine the origin of the leak. Before Koi 911 will waterproof your Koi pond a process of elimination is followed to get a full understanding of the cause of the leak. History checks from the client were also obtained for a better understanding of why the pond was leaking and possible efforts that have failed to resolve water loss.

The decision was made to waterproof the pool because of structural cracks. The best solution was to fibreglass the existing structure and add a bottom drain to the floor. The existing pool filter system was upgraded to a 40 000L Koi pond filter system.

Plants and a beautiful water feature were added to create the peace and calm aesthetics of a Koi pond. The client is ecstatic with the tranquil environment and was relieved that all his problems were solved. Now he enjoys the new addition to his property.
He did not have any issues with Koi pond since.

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