Koi 911 offers a fully integrated service to corporate and home pond owners. Koi 911 business objective is to ease the task of the Koi keeper and within doing so ultimately ensure that fish and pond life flourish.

Pond diagnostics

Dirty, excessive water loss, pump not working at full capacity, settlement chamber too deep for easy maintenance.
Pond solution – water leak was difficult to detect due to too many possible leaking points – infrared technology was employed to assist in resolving leak detection. The settlement chamber floor was raised. Pump functionality was improved and maintenance was carried out.

Pond now serviced bi-monthly by Koi Care

The pond was treated with mud to promote healthy bacteria growth but discolored the interior walls. Dr. Roos wanted to regain the original color. The pond surface was carefully prepared and resurfaced by Koi 911. Changing the outlay of the pipes corrected the previous problem with the pump collecting filter media. The pump should be free of filter media.

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